The mission of Globlee is to create an environmentally friendly Internet space where everyone has equal opportunities for self-expression and earnings.

Our experience with the World Bank, NASA, the US Department of Defense and other US companies has allowed us to identify ways to solve these problems.

Redistribution of cash flows. Globlee automates the marketing industry and eliminates the need for advertising intermediation. Thus, the billions of dollars now deposited on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and VK, as well as marketing companies and other intermediaries, will pay for the work of people who themselves are the creators of content. Globlee is changing the direction of marketing companies that will now work with media flows, helping brands in business planning, based on the data that the platform will provide them.

Providing equal opportunities for employment and earning. Globlee opens access to the digital economy for everyone, giving the opportunity to work with brands directly. Globlee users can support existing brand campaigns, produce content, and also help small and medium-sized businesses by providing them with digital marketing services based on Globlee. Thus, Globlee gives people the opportunity for self-expression and earnings, solving the problem of employment.

Transition from the usual understanding of advertising to building personal relationships between people and brands. Globlee allows you to present brands to users gradually and unobtrusively, forming a positive attitude towards them. One of the unique features of the platform is the placement of the brand logo on the button "play" of those videos that friends exchange with each other. Thus, people have a habit of clicking on the brand logo and there is a feeling of gratitude to the brand for watching the video.

Description of the Globlee platform

The Globlee platform consists of two parts: a mobile Globlee application for users and CloudPort content manager for brands.
The Globlee app for iOS and Android is an innovative platform for digital content management and allows users to share short videos with friends, receiving a reward from the brand.
Payment for the video consists of two parameters: the number of friends of the user in the social networks connected to Globlee and the scale of the campaign launched from the video sent by the brand.

The Globlee application consists of three sections: MyGloblee, OutCloud, and InCloud.
MyGloblee - a media stream of entertainment and educational content generated by users;
OutCloud - a section in which the user can start to shoot a video or download a previously saved video file from a mobile device;
InCloud - a section in which the user can earn by supporting video brands, as well as buy or store your favorite products.

In the Globlee app, cash rewards from brands are displayed to users in Globlee Bank. Then the funds can be transferred to a virtual debit card.
Brands access the content of users and statistics on completed and current campaigns from
CloudPort consists of three threads: Branding, OutStream, InStream.
Branding is a channel that allows the brand to be seen by users in Globlee;
OutStream - a stream of content consisting of campaigns that the brand itself launches;
InStream - the flow of content sent to the brand by users.

Globlee Artificial Intelligence

Globlee CloudPort helps brands do business in a new way in the digital economy, setting the lowest possible prices, excluding storage costs, transcoding, content delivery, office maintenance and development costs, introducing the latest technological innovations, one of which is the use of artificial intelligence.
Globlee Artificial intelligence is aimed at improving society as a whole. It uses authentic content voluntarily provided by people, sets future trends, provides forecasts and models for expanding business, identifies areas for maximizing income.

The Globlee Team

The developer of the platform is the American technology company UNIVEC (, which has been on the market for more than 20 years. Amrica Entertainment ( and its subsidiary Globlee LLC are engaged in the development and management of the platform.


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